Linda & Juan | Prize Session, Life Lessons

Meet Linda AKA Kick Ass Fitness Mom & Juan AKA Figgy.  

This blog post is way overdue.  This is not a new session or recent, but I felt the need to share some of their images with you guys now.   You know how sometimes you feel the timing of things is right/wrongish.  

This session was the result of a contest that I did on my birthday last year which is over a whole year ago.  I asked couples to write a bit of their story and share a photo of themselves with their boo thang and Linda rolled up on the comments. Here is what she wrote...

"Well juan and me went to high school together... we never spoke but we knew of each other. But fast forward 4 years after high school... we got in contact through a little thing called twitter lol. We went on a first date to a Texas rangers game and after the game to see Monsters university. After that first date, we were inseparable. This man brought so much good out of me.... i was a pretty mean and cold person before i met him and was dealing with a lot from my past. But he helped me close those chapters one by one and he brought out the good sides of me. One thing that people seem to tell us is that we're good for each other. You may ask why, right? Well growing up we saw our parents struggle for and work hard for years. One thing that we decided was to really work hard as a team. To build and work as one. To help each other become better partners and most importantly better parents. We get praised by our family for that. For uplifting and working hard for our family. We have grown so much and especially after having our baby girl. I never knew that i can possibly love someone so much like i love him. We got engaged a couple of months back and we hope to get married next yr! Im just so excited that i get to spend the rest of my life with him and our daughter forever💛i love you figgy"

Cute huh!? So I fell in love with their cute photo and her words so I typed in the names into the online random name drawing thingy and guess who won. Linda and Figgy.

I met them and they shared more of their story like struggles of becoming parents as well as growth in their relationship and future plans. I love me a good love story so I followed Lindas mom life posts on the Instagram and would show love in the DMS every once in a while because I loved her real life posts. Little did I know we would become parents the following year lol and I would soooo remember their session and words.  She is legit hustling at being a mom, kicking ass at getting a bigger ass (you go girl!), wife duties, and recently jumping into another role supporting Juan starting his roofing business. Meaning SUPER MOM duties while sharing moments of doubt and worry through it all.  It is nice to know we are all just trying to be better together.

Point is.. whatever it is you've been waiting on.. the right time.. the right equipment.. the right camera.. the right look.. a full moon.. for Britney and Justin to get back together.. STOP WAITING. Just do it.  I question myself every day and sometimes I cry it out because I feel freakin clueless in business, my future, and just life.  You see other people who seem to have it together bringing on the toxic journey of comparison that becomes so debilitating. So here I am a whole year and one month and two days later posting a session of a girl and a guy who love each other in every way. Little does she know that her moments of doubt have helped me through my shit storm Britney Spears in 2007 moments too and I've only been mommin it up 8 weeks LOL!  So Linda and Juan think they won a prize, but I totally got more than expected by meeting them.

Dayna Renee