Hey there i’m dayna,

most days you can catch me rocking mom-bun, athletic wear minus the athleticism, and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee.I am happily married to my partner-in-Netflix-n’-Chill, Victor (if we shoot together, you might get to meet him). I am obsessed with my child also named Victor (I had no choice: if it was a boy Victor, if it was a girl Victoria--points for creativity). He has stolen my whole heart and has made me a much better sleep-deprived human being.

I shoot because I LOVE to: plain and simple. Every Christmas, I sit there watching those super corny Hallmark Christmas movies like they don't all have the same plot--haha--because I am obsessed with happy endings. My hearts aim is to serve my clients. Need a latte for a pick me up? text me your order. Need me to hold your dress up so it doesn’t get dirty? I GOT YOU. I don’t search for perfectly staged moments. I see the belly laughs, the happy tears, and the way you look at each other during the first dance. Those real moments that embed themselves in your heart so when you see your photos you don’t just remember the moment you get to relive it.

You’re gonna end the day with a new family member: that’s the deal--I take the raw, emotion-filled photos and you adopt me. So, if I talk a little too much, forgive me for I am genuinely invested in anything and everything about you foreva-eva.

“I like whole pickles, but I don’t like sliced pickles.” - Dayna